Steve Viscelli's Research Supported Rare Win for Workers at the US Supreme Court

Steve Viscelli’s research has been used in class action lawsuits against trucking companies that steal wages from truckers by misclassifying them as independent contractors. These cases have returned tens of millions of dollars to drivers over the last several years. Trucking companies have recently tried to stop these cases by forcing drivers into individual arbitrations. Last month, in an 8-0 opinion delivered by Justice Gorsuch (with a concurring opinion by Justice Ginsburg), the court said truckers cannot be forced into individual arbitrations – truckers (and other transportation workers) that cross state lines  have the right to sue together in court. Viscelli filed an amicus brief with drivers for the case. The New York Times’ covered the importance of the case and Viscelli's research in an editorial this summer. This clears the way for potentially several billion more in lost wages to be recovered for hundreds of thousands of long-haul truck drivers.

Penn Today has also covered this story and highlighted Viscelli's hard work.