Charlene Cruz-Cerdas

Dissertation Title: 

"The Unattainable Dream?  How Higher Education Helps and Hinders Latina/o Upward Mobility."

Research Interests: 

Race, ethnicity, and immigration; social mobility; higher education

Curriculum Vitae


Charlene Cruz-Cerdas is interested in how Latinos in the United States are faring in higher education. Her previous work has looked at Latinos’ overrepresentation in the burgeoning for-profit higher education sector. Charlene’s most recent work assesses Latino social mobility and compares and contrasts their college experiences with members of other racial and ethnic groups. Her work also emphasizes the diversity within the “Latino” pan-ethnic category by taking a closer look at how Latinos are faring in higher education by nation of origin, gender, nativity, and social class. Charlene also conducted a qualitative study that looked at the Puerto Rican community in Philadelphia and the ways in which they negotiate political and economic marginalization in two different time periods.

Research and Teaching Experience:

Sept. 2014-Aug. 2015 César Chávez Dissertation Fellow, Dartmouth College, (Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies and the Department of Sociology)

Summer 2013 Race, Science, and Society

Africana Summer Institute for Pre-Freshmen Teaching Assistant for Dorothy RobertsCenter for Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Fall 2011 Research Assistant to Dr. Camille Z. Charles
Spring 2011 Introduction to Sociology [Concentration on class and gender inequality]
Fall 2010 Introduction to Sociology [Concentration on racial inequality]


Manuscripts in Preparation 
- Cruz-Cerdas, Charlene. Bridled Optimism: Persistent Inequality in Latino/a College Enrollment, Journal of Hispanic Higher Education
- Cruz-Cerdas, Charlene. Taking Care of Our Own: Negotiating Marginalization in the Puerto Rican Community of Philadelphia, CENTRO: Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies

Under Review

- Cruz-Cerdas, Charlene. Unfair and Unequal: The Disproportionate Use of Discipline of Latino Males in High School Sociology of Education

In Progress
- Cruz-Cerdas, Charlene. College and Latina/os’ Labor Market Experiences