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Gender and sexuality, feminist theory, feminism and modernity in Turkey and the Middle East; violence against women; sociology of law; socio-legal studies; gender, law, and sexual violence; cultural sociology; political sociology; qualitative methods; social inequalities.

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"Gender Justice in the Wake of Legal Reform and Socio-Political Change: Sexual Violence on Trial in Turkey" (tentative)

Robin L. Leidner (co-chair), Emily C. Hannum (co-chair), Deborah A. Thomas (Anthropology), Fatma Muge Gocek (University of Michigan, Sociology and Women’s Studies)

Sociology of education, family and social stratification, and Latin American Studies

Hyunjoon Park, Emily Hannum, Grace Kao

Social stratification, education, family, ethnography methods, transition to adulthood, family and education in East Asia

Annette Lareau (chair), Hyunjoon Park, Emily Hannum, Hae Yeon Choo (University of Toronto)

Digital sociology, race & gender, social movements, Black feminisms, and new media.

Dorothy Roberts (co-chair)
Guobin Yang (co-chair)
Anthea Butler

Social stratification, gender, STEM education, poverty, comparative studies, quantitative methods, survey methods, East Asia


Emily Hannum, Kristen Harknett

Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Organization

Emilio Parrado, Onoso Imoagene, Tukufu Zuberi

Sociology of crime and punishment, urban sociology, the sociology of race and ethnicity, and the sociology of social movements

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"Afterward: Prisoner Reentry in a Street-Level Bureaucracy"

Education, Health, Social Stratification, Family, Children and Youth, Environment, Contemporary China, Quantitative Methods

Emily Hannum (Chair), Paul Allison, Jason Schnittker, Xinyin Chen (Penn GSE)

Religion, family, class

Melissa Wilde, Annette Lareau, Jason Schnittker