Job Market Candidates

His research and teaching interests include race/ethnicity and immigration, poverty, international development, statistical and research methods, youth and adolescence, gender, and education.

"The Lonely Social World of Racial and Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Youth: Examining Social Isolation of Adolescents from their Peers, Teachers, and Parents"
Grace Kao, John Puckett, Emily Hannum, Paul Allison

Sociology of Religion, Social Movements and Politics, Organizations, Comparative/Historical Sociology, and Sociology of Culture

“Creating the Litmus Test: Abortion, Mainline Protestants, and the Rise of the Religious Right.”
Melissa J. Wilde, Charles L. Bosk, Jerry A. Jacobs, Robin L. Leidner

Race, class, gender inequality; Media industry studies; Cinema and media studies; Work and occupations; Black popular culture.

Unequal Hollywood: Race, Gender, and Representation in a Culture Industry
Camille Charles (Chair), Michael Delli Carpini (Communication), Onoso Imoagene, Mia Mask (Film)

Health inequality, international health, HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, race/ethnicity, demography, medical sociology, quantitative methods, research methods

“Changes in HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors in Malawi”
Hans-Peter Kohler (Chair), Jere Behrman, Susan Watkins

Demography, medical sociology, health disparities, aging and the life course, health care systems, stratification, population health, international comparisons, and quantitative methods.

"Comparative Studies of Health and Mortality."
Irma T. Elo, Samuel H. Preston, and Jason Schnittker

Sociology of mental health; medical sociology; global health; social demography; social networks; quantitative methods; comparative methods

“Social Networks, Social Support, and Mental Health in Cross-National Comparative Perspective”
Jason Schnittker (chair), Hans-Peter Kohler, Emily Hannum

I do research in economic sociology, focusing on how institutions shape, and are shaped by, market activities. My dissertation is historical-comparative and tries to explain why American corporate law developed into its modern form. I'm also working on a series of papers on free software production. I teach contemporary theory and introduction to methods. Click the links above for more information.

"Explaining the Emergence of Modern Incorporation Law" (working title)
Randall Collins, David Gibson, Mauro Guillen, Walter Licht

Global health, demographic and statistical methods, and medical sociology.

Social Determinants and International Comparisons of Health and Mortality
Samuel H. Preston, Irma T. Elo, and Michel Guillot

Catherine is a PhD candidate in Sociology. Her research interests include sociology of culture, medical sociology, social stratification, identity, public policy, ethnography and historical methods, South Africa

"The institutionalization of AIDS orphan policy in South Africa"
Charles Bosk, Kathleen Hall, Robin Leidner
Education, social class and inequality, culture, qualitative research methods. 
"Major Decisions: How Social Class and Universities Shape Undergraduate Achievement"
Camille Charles, Annette Lareau, Laura Perna (Penn GSE), Kathy Hall (Penn GSE)