Ksenia Gorbenko

Dissertation Title: 

"From Print to Pixel: Visual Media and the Fate of Nonviolent Social Movement Activism"

Research Interests: 

Social movements, science and technology, qualitative methods (comparative historical; ethnography), medical sociology.

Contact: ksenia.gorbenko@gmail.com
Additional Website: Postdoctoral Researcher at John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Ksenia Gorbenko holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA from Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, and a diploma from Vologda State Pedagogical University in Vologda, Russia. Her dissertation, entitled "From Print to Pixel: Visual Media and the Fate of Nonviolent Social Movement Activism," examined how news images are strategically deployed by different actors during nonviolent protests, reflecting struggles for and against social change. Ksenia is currently a research associate on the University of Pennsylvania team at the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Currently Ksenia is working on the ethnographic part of the national Surgical Unit-based Safety Project (SUSP) that aims to reduce surgical site infections (SSI) and other complications. She is interested in the role of social networks and technology in patient safety work.


“From Print to Pixel: Visual Media and the Fate of Nonviolent Social Movement Activism.” Committee: Tukufu Zuberi (chair), Randall Collins, Charles Bosk, Robin Wagner-Pacifici.

Teaching (UPenn):

- Sociology Department, College of Liberal and Professional Studies Lecturer 2010-2014
- Contemporary Sociological Theory, Spring 2013, 2014 (24-29 students)
- Classical Sociological Theory, Fall 2010-2012 (12-23 students)
- Teaching Assistant (22-50 students) 2006-2008
- Race and Ethnic Relations, Spring 2008
- Sociology of Media and Popular Culture, Fall 2007
- Sociology of Violence and Social Conflict, Spring 2007
- Introduction to Sociology, Fall 2006


Brooks J.V., Gorbenko K.O., van de Ruit C., Bosk C.L.. (2014). “The Dangers of Quality Improvement Overload: Insights from the Field.” Health Affairs Blog, March 7. (Read online)

Gorbenko, K. 2010. “Picturing a Revolution: Photographic Representation of the Orange Revolution in the Ukrainian media.” The Challenges of Ethno-Nationalism: Case Studies in Identity Politics. Edited by Adrian Guelke. Palgrave Macmillan, 78-93.