How do American cities grow? Studies of urban transformation have focused on anchor institutions, the growth model of big business-generated employment, and "creative class" gentrification. After decades of decline, many major cities like Philadelphia are seeing gains in population again, as well as new commercial activity and street life, spurred by the influx of new immigrant communities. Yet few scholars have asked: What role do immigrants play in the current revival of the American metropolis? In this Social Science Studio course, 16 students will work collaboratively as in a design studio to conduct research that can answer this important social-scientific question. Students will work on independent projects that engage multiple methods and fields to produce new types of knowledge. They will be introduced to multiple methods drawn from architecture, planning, anthropology and political science, including mapping, interviewing, fieldnotesnotes, socio-economic surveys, sketching, photography and web design to develop independent projects. No prior knowledge is required but students with experience in GIS, STATA, photography, drawing or web design are encouraged to apply.
Section 401 - SEM