Doron Shiffer-Sebba

Research Interests: 

Economic sociology, urban sociology, stratification, elites, housing, globalization


Doron Shiffer-Sebba researches forms, causes, and consequences, of wealth accumulation. His research projects include analyzing the rental market consequences of variation in homeownership and landlord pathways, and the intergenerational effects of homeownership patterns across the life course. For his dissertation research, he is investigating global patterns of wealth accumulation, and particularly the role of taxes in intergenerational familial transfers of wealth under different national contexts. Doron explores these issues using qualitative interview and ethnographic methods, as well as quantitative longitudinal and spatial analyses.

Before arriving at the University of Pennsylvania, Doron worked as an educator and counselor with children of migrant workers and refugees in Tel Aviv. He holds an M.A. in Global Thought, organized by Columbia's Committee on Global Thought, and a BA in political science and East Asian studies from Brown University.

Contact Information:

McNeil 331