Haley Pilgrim

Research Interests: 

Race/ethnicity; Social stratification; Identity formation and performance; Inter-ethnic group relations

Haley Pilgrim is a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated Cum Laude from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy in 2014. Her interests focus on the construction of racial groups and meanings of racial identification choices, specifically related to the multiracial population. For her Master’s Thesis, she examined the influence of reflected appraisals on identification with racial groups through conducting interviews with 30 black-white multiracial young adults. In Spring 2017, she presented findings from her Thesis at Penn’s first annual Grad Ben Talks and received both the Social Science division and Audience Choice awards. She is currently working on a co-authored paper analyzing the relationship between racial group membership, religious affiliation, and educational attainment on political views. She is also co-creating an interdisciplinary experiment that examines perceptions of multiracial individuals in advertisements.

She has been a Teaching Assistant and led recitations for Sociology of the Family (Soci 004), Race, Science and Justice (Soci  307/ Afrc 307), and Social Statistics (Soc 120). In addition to teaching in the academic year, she worked as a Teaching Fellow for the Social Justice Research Academy as a part of Penn Summer 2017. She continues to act as a mentor for undergraduate students through her role as a Graduate Associate with College House and Academic Services.

In addition to this work with undergraduate students, Haley is actively involved in Penn's graduate community as a Fontaine Fellow, Co-President of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (BGAPSA), Research Representative for the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA), and Vice Chair of Discretionary Funding for the finance division of GAPSA.

You can follow her on Twitter, @HaleyGPilgrim, where she posts her interests of race relations, multiraciality, inequality, and politics.
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