Letter from the Chair, Dr. Emilio A. Parrado

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

The Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to advancing the field through the research of our award-winning faculty, and the passion of our students who hail from all across the globe.

Our internationally renowned faculty engages in rigorous research that aims to answer the oldest questions of society, investigate the newer ones, and pose the future questions that will help us better understand our world.  Our faculty continues to push the envelope and set the standard for exceptional sociological research on topics as diverse as culture and the internet, gender and the family, religion and the culture wars, residential segregation and racial stratification, education, violence and social control, health disparities, fertility and mortality, and immigrant adaptation.  We examine these and many other issues locally in Philadelphia and throughout the world, from Mexico to Malawi, China, South Africa, South Korea, Argentina, and beyond.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs expose our students to a world of possibilities, showing them the power of the sociological imagination.  With the support of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts & Sciences, our program has produced some of the top scholars in the country.  Currently, we have graduate students who are conducting research on a variety of critical issues affecting areas locally and internationally such as Colombia, Turkey, China, and Mexico. Additionally, our department is a strong example of our University’s commitment to interdisciplinary opportunities through our joint degrees in Demography, Education, and Business.

We welcome you to experience the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Sociology.  Join us as we advance the pursuit of knowledge and continue to sharpen our understanding of the social world.


Dr. Emilio A. Parrado
Professor and Chair of Sociology