Natalie Young

Faculty Advisors: 

Emily Hannum (Chair), Hyunjoon Park, Annette Lareau, Xinyin Chen (Penn GSE)

Research Interests: 

Social stratification, education, family, survey methods, demography, international development, Chinese society

Natalie A.E. Young is a Ph.D. Candidate within the Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.  After completing a B.A. at Dartmouth College in 2010, she spent three years in China. While working as a social studies and English literature teacher at an international school in Beijing, she developed an interest in the role of education in social stratification. 

Natalie’s research is broadly concerned with understanding how privileged groups maintain their advantages, particularly in the face of policies aimed at promoting equality and creating an equitable playing field. Her dissertation investigates the efforts of China’s emerging affluent class to transmit their newly acquired advantages to the next generation. Drawing on two large-scale, nationally representative surveys of Chinese households and children, she reveals three ways in which socioeconomically advantaged families in China are circumventing equalizing features of the educational system to help their children get ahead.

Natalie has published research on racial inequality in the United States; rising childhood inequality in China; and the implications of international education for educational inequality. She currently serves on the executive board of the Comparative and International Education Society’s East Asia SIG and is actively involved in the Education and Inequality research cluster at Penn.
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