Sarah Adeyinka-Skold

Faculty Advisors: 

Dorothy Roberts and Chenoa Flippen (Co-Chairs), Robin Leidner

Research Interests: 

Race and ethnicity, gender, family, immigration, sex and sexualities, and qualitative sociology


Sarah Adeyinka-Skold's research interests include race, gender, sexuality, and family. Through current and future research, she aims to understand inequalities in these areas through the lens of romantic relationships. Her dissertation focuses on the intersection of race and gender through a consideration of dating in the digital age. Using semi-structured interviews with 111 college-educated women who self-identified as Asian, Black, Latina, and White, she examines the costs and barriers middle-class heterosexual women face in their search for romantic partners, and how these costs and barriers differ by race/ethnicity. This examination on costs and barriers further answers the central question of my dissertation: how does dating technology perpetuate, reify, or challenge gender and racial inequality in the United States? Her research was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia’s most widely read newspaper, and discussed in The Harvard Crimson. Sarah's past research explored how interracial relationships shaped racial formation among European immigrant and US-born white women married to Black men in the late 1930s in Chicago. This work is published in the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. Her future research will explore relationship formation among LGTBQ+ individuals of varying ethno-racial backgrounds, with a goal to produce inclusive theory on race, gender, and sexuality.

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