Shantee Rosado

Faculty Advisors: 

Emilio Parrado (chair), Grace Kao, and Onoso Imoagene

Research Interests: 

Race/ ethnicity, migration, Latinos in the U.S., Latin America, and social movements.


Shantee Rosado is a Ph.D. candidate in the Sociology Department at Penn. Her work examines racial and ethnic disparities and identities in Latin American and U.S. contexts, as well as social movements. Her dissertation qualitatively addresses how second-generation Puerto Ricans and Dominicans negotiate meanings of race and Blackness in two regions of the country: a majority-Black county in the Northeast and a majority-Latino region in Florida. Another project examines how land rights and violence shape racial and ethnic differences in migration within Colombia. Shantee has also conducted qualitative research on the Occupy movement and undergraduate comparative historical research on Black collective identity formation in Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

Contact Information:

McNeil 254A


Photo credit: Marcus T. Wright