Sherelle Ferguson

Research Interests: 

Education, social stratification, race and ethnicity, culture, qualitative methods


Sherelle is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research is driven by an interest in the role of culture and institutions in race and class identity formation and stratification. Broadly, her research interests include sociology of education, racial and ethnic identities, the experience of social mobility, and cultural processes that reproduce inequality. Her second year paper explores how high school teachers in urban public schools become significant sources of social and institutional support for select students from low-income backgrounds. Before beginning her PhD, Sherelle taught high school history for four years at a charter school in Massachusetts. She received an A.B. in Social Studies from Harvard University and her Ed. M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Contact Information: 
3718 Locust Walk
120 McNeil Building
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104