Penn Sociology Academically Based Community Service Courses

Fall 2015

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Educational Inequality (230-301)
TR 0130PM-0300PM
This class will look at the historical development of the issue of educational inequality in South Philadelphia, a largely poor and working-class area undergoing some of the most dramtic social change in the city. In particular, we will focus on the racial and class politics of educational reform, education funding, and charter schools. We will use sociological theories to assess the evidence related to a number of pressing questions central to these politics. This course has a significant ABCS component in which students will volunteer assisting teachers at on of the city's most diverse neighborhood public schools: Andrew Jackson (K-8).
Latinos in the United States (266-401)
MW 0200PM-0330PM
This course presents a broad overview of the Latino population in the United States that focuses on the economic and sociological aspects of Latino immigration and assimilation. Topics to be covered include: construction of Latino identity, the history of U.S. Latino immigration, Latino family patterns and household structure, Latino educational attainment. Latino incorporation into the U.S. labor force, earnings and economic well-being among Latino-origin groups, assimilation and the second generation. To better understand the Latino experience in a deeper way, students have the option to volunteer with Casa Monarca, a Mexican cultural center in South Philadelphia.