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Family, health and medicine, pregnancy


Social psychology, the social bond, trust, stress and strain, work

Social demography, evolutionary demography, inequality and social determinants of health, maternal and child health.

Gender and sexuality, feminist theory, feminism and modernity in Turkey and the Middle East; violence against women; sociology of law; socio-legal studies; gender, law, and sexual violence; cultural sociology; political sociology; qualitative methods; social inequalities.

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"Gender Justice in the Wake of Legal Reform and Socio-Political Change: Sexual Violence on Trial in Turkey" (tentative)

Robin L. Leidner (co-chair), Emily C. Hannum (co-chair), Deborah A. Thomas (Anthropology), Fatma Muge Gocek (University of Michigan, Sociology and Women’s Studies)

Family, gender, work, culture, the rural-urban continuum, and qualitative research methods.

David Grazian, Randall Collins, and Robin Leidner

Globalization, international business, labor market, international migration.

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"The Host Country Effects of Reverse FDI: A Case Study of South Korean Auto Industries in the United States."

Job Market Paper:
"Making Manufacturing Great Again: Right-to-Work Legislation and Foreign Investors' Manufacturing Employment"

Gender, family, work and occupations, emotions, field methods, religion.


"Gender Differences in Experiencing Unemployment."