Hocine Fetni, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Academic Advising, The College, School of Arts and Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Research Description: 

Dr. Hocine Fetni is an Assistant Dean for Academic Advising in the College. He is responsible for Study Abroad programs in North Africa, the Middle East (except Israel), Turkey, Greece, Australia and New Zealand. He also advises students interested in the B.A./J.D., a submatriculation program between the College and Penn's Law School, and is an advisor for the senior class. Dr. Fetni holds a law degree from New York University, and a Master of Laws as well as a Ph.D. in International Relations from Penn. As a member of the Sociology Department faculty, he has developed courses on topics such as law and society, law in Africa, law and social change, and the sociology of the legal profession. He also teaches international law and the theory of international relations.

Contact Information: 

363 McNeil Building
University of Pennsylvania, Sociology Department
3718 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6298

Telephone: 215.898.7668
Fax: 215.573.2081

College Office - 120 Cohen Hall
Telephone: 215.898.8814

Email: hfetni@sas.upenn.edu