Topics vary according to the interests and expertise of instructors. For the Fall 2010 semester, the topic is the following: Nail salons, nursing, hair care stores, pizza shops, parking garages, donut shops, and taxis represent niche industries for different ethnic groups across the racial and national spectrum. We will explore how and why particular groups have concentrated in certain industries, and how processes related to globalization, such as diplomatic ties, the globalization of banking, foreign investment, trade, labor recruitment, transnational economic activities, and immigration contribute to their concentration. We will learn scholarly explanations for why ethnic groups concentrate in key industries by engaging literature that spans across the fields of scoiology, urban studies, business, and migration. We will examine case studies of several ethnic groups and draw from examples in Philadelphia. This course will introduce students to a range of data and sources that are used by those studying and working in economic and urban development, finance, business, and immigration and will emphasize analysis of data and critical thinking skills.
Section 601 - LEC