Concentrations in Sociology - The Sociology of Culture

The Sociology of Culture

The sociology of culture investigates an aspect of human life that is central to its definition, the origins and development of meaning - religious, moral, normative, esthetic, cognitive - and how they are expressed in and serve to shape human conduct.  Processes of cultural innovation as well as cultural stability are examined in various social institutions and settings of American as well as Middle Eastern, European, and Asian societies.

Basic Courses:

SOCI     3    Deviance and Social Control
SOCI     5    American Society
SOCI   12    Globalization
SOCI   27     Introduction to Africana Studies
SOCI   33    Technology and Society
SOCI 101    Bioethics
SOCI 103    Asian Americans in Contemporary Society
SOCI 118    Sociology of Bioethics
SOCI 122    Sociology of Gender
SOCI 125    Classical Sociological Theory
SOCI 126    Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOCI 137    Sociology of Media and Popular Culture
SOCI 161    The Information Age
SOCI 239    Sociology of Religion
SOCI 250    Minorities and Media
SOCI 260    Cyberculture
SOCI 270    Ethnicity- Globalizing Philadelphia: The Immigrant City
SOCI 277    Insane, Irrational, or Ill: The Sociology of Mental Illness

Advanced Courses:

SOCI 517    Work and Identity
SOCI 546    Feminist Theory    
SOCI 559    Theories of Religious Behavior
SOCI 561    Sociology of Culture: Art Knowledge, Religion and Science
SOCI 568    Audience Ethnography: From Response to Media Practices
SOCI 569    Media, Democracy, and Civic Participation
SOCI 595    Media, Culture and Society
SOCI 629    Sociology of Mass Communication
SOCI 667    Social Interaction
SOCI 702    Political Economy and Social History of Africa and the African Diaspora
SOCI 803    Shaping Communications Policy in the Obama Administration: A Study in Neo-Institutionalism
SOCI 820    Media, Culture and Citizenship
SOCI 829    Nonprofits, Media and the Arts
SOCI 836    Culture, Communication, Rights: Inter-Asian Translations
SOCI 896    Journalism, Entertainment and Society