Concentrations in Sociology - Sociology of Global and International Studies

Global and International Studies

In recent years sociology has grown comparative and international in focus, with an emphasis on emerging Asian powers such as China and Korea, and the developing countries of Africa and Latin America.  At the same time, modern societies are increasingly shaped by global and international flows of migrants, capital, and culture, raising complex questions about the social organization of multiethnic and transnational communities, and the mobility of local and regional beliefs and customary practices.  In this concentration students examine a variety of global and international issues such as immigration, urbanism, demographic change, world health, and the persistence of social inequality.

Basic Courses:

SOCI     6    Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI     7    Population and Society
SOCI   11    Urban Sociology
SOCI   12    Globalization
SOCI   27    Introduction to Africana Studies
SOCI 103    Asian Americans in Contemporary Society
SOCI 110    The Rich and the Poor
SOCI 111    Health of Populations
SOCI 135    Law and Society
SOCI 235    Law & Social Change
SOCI 264    Poverty, Race, and Health
SOCI 266    Latinos in United States
SOCI 270    The Immigrant City
SOCI 280    Social Issues in Contemporary China

Advanced Courses:

SOCI 640 -- Global Health and Health Policy
SOCI 677 -- International Migration
SOCI 702 -- Political Economy and Social History of Africa and the African Diaspora