Concentrations in Sociology - Sociology of Health and Medicine

Sociology of Health and Medicine

Conceptions of health and illness, although not uniform the world over or even in any one society, are of fundamental importance in every society.  How health is defined in various societies, how the ill are viewed by the well, how illness is treated, who the healers are, how they are trained, and what their position is in society, the relationships among the religion, class, gender and age of the ill and their healers, when and how public health policies are inaugurated are among the topics studied.

Basic Courses:

SOCI 101    Bioethics
SOCI 104    Sociology of Sex: Comparative Approach
SOCI 111    Health of Populations
SOCI 118    Sociology of Bioethics
SOCI 134    Health and Social Policy
SOCI 152    American Health Policy
SOCI 175    Medical Sociology
SOCI 259    Social Determinants of Health
SOCI 264    Poverty, Race, and Health
SOCI 273    Law, Medicine, and Public Policy
SOCI 274    AIDS in Historical Perspective
SOCI 277    Insane, Irrational, or Ill: The Sociology of Mental Illness
SOCI 334    Social Problems in Health and Medicine
SOCI 437    Cultural Models and Health

Advanced Courses:

SOCI 513    Medicalization: Theory and History
SOCI 514    Medicine and the Body
SOCI 572    Health Care and Social Policy
SOCI 577    Professions and Society                
SOCI 583    Sociology of Medicine
SOCI 594    History of Population
SOCI 644    Empirical Methods in Bioethics
SOCI 796    Demographic, Economic and Social Relations