Concentrations in Sociology - Structures of Opportunity and Inequality

Structures of Opportunity and Inequality

What is the balance of individual self-determination and institutionalized constraint in shaping people’s lives?  Social institutions such as the educational system and the economy sort people and distribute rewards, but their workings are profoundly shaped by persistent inequalities of class, ethnicity, gender, age, race and nationality.  How and why do such inequalities persist?  How might opportunities be more fairly distributed?  What sorts of individual and collective action affect existing structures of constraint?

Basic Courses:

SOCI     2    Social Problems and Public Policy
SOCI     5    American Society
SOCI     6    Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI   10    Social Stratification
SOCI   11    Urban Sociology
SOCI   12    Globalization
SOCI   27    Introduction to Africana Studies
SOCI 103    Asian Americans in Contemporary Society
SOCI 112    Discrimination: Sexual and Racial Conflict
SOCI 117    Sociology of Work
SOCI 122    Sociology of Gender    
SOCI 152    American Health Policy
SOCI 200    Criminal Justice        
SOCI 233    Criminology
SOCI 235    Law & Social Change                
SOCI 254    Cities, Suburbs, and Their Regions
SOCI 259    Social Determinants of Health
SOCI 264    Poverty, Race and Health
SOCI 266    Latinos in United States
SOCI 270    Ethnicity- Globalizing Philadelphia: The Immigrant City
SOCI 307    Race, Science and Justice
SOCI 420    Perspectives on Urban Poverty
SOCI 425    Women and Political Activism
SOCI 435    Globalization and Comparative Urban Development
SOCI 437    Cultural Models and Health
SOCI 453    Metro Growth and Poverty
SOCI 460    Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois
SOCI 473    Community Organizing: History and Theory

Advanced Courses:

SOCI 514    Medicine and the Body
SOCI 515    Family Research Workshop
SOCI 517    Work and Identity
SOCI 541    Gender, The Labor Force and Markets
SOCI 542    Work and Gender
SOCI 546    Feminist Theory
SOCI 550    Social Inequality
SOCI 566    Sociology of Professions
SOCI 577    Professions and Society
SOCI 581    Political Sociology
SOCI 591    Racial Justice and the Sociology of the Law
SOCI 596    Sociology of Education
SOCI 643    Social Stratification
SOCI 660    Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois
SOCI 670    Family Data
SOCI 680    Pro-Seminar in Criminology
SOCI 681    Pro-Seminar in Criminal Justice
SOCI 702    Political Economy and Social History of Africa and the African Diaspora
SOCI 796    Demography, Economics and Social Relations
SOCI 836    Culture, Communication, Rights: Inter-Asian Translations