Yi-Lin Chiang

Dissertation Title: 

Due Distinction: Becoming Elite in "Meritocratic" China

Faculty Advisors: 
Research Interests: 

Social stratification, education, family, culture, youth and adolescence, elites, East Asian societies

Contact: yilinc@sas.upenn.edu
Personal Website: yilinchiang.wordpress.com/
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Curriculum Vitae


Yi-Lin Chiang is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is interested in educational stratification and intergenerational status transmission and uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to pursue her research interests. Yi-Lin's dissertation uses ethnography and interviews with high school students, parents, and teachers to examine the formation of adolescent elites in Beijing, China. She finds that, despite their high socioeconomic backgrounds, the observed elite Chinese students primarily learn to become "little emperors" by being academically high-achieving. These results suggest that academics, which is often under-emphasized in literature, is crucial to the elite student formation and status reproduction.

In other lines of ongoing research, Yi-Lin examines student pursuit of upward mobility using data from a longitudinal survey in Gansu, China, to investigate how rural youth choose between school continuation and work migration. She also explores multigenerational educational stratification in societies with rapid educational expansion by asking how grandparents affect grandchildren's educational outcomes in Taiwan. 

Teaching Experiences:

2016 Spring  Introduction to Sociology

(Teaching assistant at the undergraduate level)
2015 Spring   Media, Culture and Society in Contemporary China
2014 Spring   China Today
2012 Spring   Introduction to Sociological Research
2011 Fall         Introduction to Sociology
2011 Spring   Social Statistics
2010 Fall         The Family

(Guest lecturer)
2015 Spring   Media, Culture and Society in Contemporary China
topic: migration
2014 Spring   China Today
topic: education

Recent publications:

Chiang, Yi-Lin and Annette Lareau. (Forthcoming). "Elite Education in China: Insights into the Transition to Higher Education." In Routledge International Handbook of the Sociology of Elite Education, Agnes Van Zanten (Ed).

Chiang, Yi-Lin and Hyunjoon Park. 2015. “Do Grandparents Matter? A Multi-generational Perspective on Educational Attainment in Taiwan.” Social Science Research 51: 163-173.

Chiang, Yi-Lin, Emily Hannum, and Grace Kao. 2015. “It’s Not Just about the Money: Gender and Youth Migration from Rural China.” Chinese Sociological Review 47(2): 177-201.