The faculty of the Sociology Department is composed of more than 25 full time members, many of whom are also part of the Population Studies Center. The Department also has a number of affiliated faculty from the Education, Medical, Nursing, Social Policy and Practice, and Wharton Schools; as well as associated faculty from other departments.

Our faculty is highly diversified and conducts research on central sociological issues of theoretical and empirical relevance. It maintains strong international connections, and each year welcomes students and visitors from a number of foreign countries. Currently, the department ranks among the top ten in the United States based on faculty research and productivity. 

Chair: Emilio Parrado
Graduate Chair: Jason Schnittker
Undergraduate Chair: Hyunjoon Park

Standing Faculty

Adjunct, Secondary, Affiliated, and Emeritus Faculty and Lecturers

  • Jere R. Behrman, Ph.D

    Human Resources and Endowments
    Innovation in Methods
    International Population Research
    Policy Evaluation
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Paul D. Allison, Ph.D.

    Methodology & Statistics
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Elijah Anderson, Ph.D.

    Methods and Practice of Fieldwork
    Race and Ethnic Relations
    Deviant Behavior, Crime, and Social Control
    Urban Ethnography
    Sociology of Culture
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Harold J. Bershady, Ph.D.

    Sociological Theory

    History of Social Thought

    Sociology of Knowledge

    Sociology of Culture

    Psychology and Sociology

    Urban and Community Sociology

    Philosophy of the Social Sciences

    Social Organization

  • Randall Collins, Ph.D.

    Sociological Theory
    Sociology of Political and Economic Change
    Micro-Sociology: Face-to-Face Interaction
    Sociology of Intellectuals
    Social Conflict (Especially Violent Conflict)
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Diana Crane-Herve, Ph.D.

    History and sociology of the arts
    The news and entertainment media
    Fashion in clothing and other material goods

  • Douglas Ewbank, Ph.D.

    Life Course
    Population Studies

  • Hocine Fetni, Ph.D.

    Law and Social Change: A Comparative Analysis
    Globalization and The Legal Profession: An International Comparison
    The Crisis of Democracy and Law in the Middle East and North Africa
    Family Law and Social Change in Algeria
    The Notion of Social Control and Islamic Law
    International Law and Globalization
    Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Africa

  • Renee C. Fox, Ph.D.

    Sociology of medicine
    Medical research
    Medical education
    Medical ethics
    Medical humanitarianism


  • Frank F. Furstenberg, Ph.D.

    Family Sociology
    Urban Sociology
    Gender Studies
    Sociology of Education
    Children, Youth and Public Policy

  • Richard Gelles, Ph.D.

    Child Welfare
    Public Policy
    Family Violence

  • Alec Ian Gershberg, Ph.D.

    Education Policy & Governance
    Comparative Education
    International Development
    Political Economy & Systems Thinking
    Public Finance & Fiscal Management
    Urban & Social Policy
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Mauro Guillén, Ph.D.

    Organizational Sociology
    Economic Sociology
    Sociology of the Global System & Globalization

  • Kristen Harknett, Ph.D.

    Social demography
    Economic underpinnings of marriage decisions
    Racial and ethnic patterns of family formation
    Assortative mating
    Family structure and child well-being
    Social policies, social networks, and poverty
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Richard Ingersoll, Ph.D.

    School organization
    Teacher quality
    Sociology of education
    Sociology of organizations, occupations and work/organizational theory
    Educational policy

  • Elihu Katz, Ph.D.


  • Samuel Klausner, Ph.D.

    Sociology of Religion
    Sociological Theory
    International Law and Relations
    Historical Sociology
    Sociology of Culture
    Middle Eastern Studies

  • Ross Koppel, Ph.D.

    Sociological and Demographic Research
    Research Methods
    Sociology of Work
    Medical Sociology
    Sociology of Technology

  • Vani S. Kulkarni Ph.D.

    Health (global and international)
    Education and inner city schools
    Democracy and development
    Social inequality
    Gender, race, and caste
    Globalization and transnational processes

  • Eileen T. Lake, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

  • William Laufer, Ph.D.

    Corporate criminal law
    Corporate ethics law and psychology Criminology

  • John MacDonald


  • Janice F. Madden, Ph.D.

    Urban and Regional Economics
    Labor Markets
    Gender and Race
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Afaf I. Meleis, Ph.D., DrPS(hon), FAAN


  • Marshall W. Meyer, Ph.D.

    Management in China
    measurement of organizational performance
    organizational design
    organizational change Recent Consulting Strategies for Chinese firms
    design and evaluation of performance measurement systems Current Projects State-owned enterprise reform in China
    internationalization of Chinese firms
    technology and knowledge transfer in Chinese high-tech industrial parks

  • Samuel Preston, Ph.D.

    Health of populations
    Curriculum Vitae

  • Michael Useem, Ph.D.

    Leadership Decision Making Governance Corporate Change and Restructuring

  • Steve Viscelli

  • Susan Watkins, Ph.D.