Andrea Alvarado-Urbina

Faculty Advisors: 

Emilio Parrado, Tukufu Zuberi

Research Interests: 

Migration, education, social stratification, inequality


Andrea Alvarado-Urbina is a Master of Arts in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences at Columbia University. She completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology at the University of Chile, and gained academic and professional experience in the fields of social stratification and education (both K-12 and higher education) by working for two research centers in Chile. Andrea also worked as a research assistant at the Columbia Population Research Center collaborating in a project about the value of private support in fragile families, based on the Fragile Families and Children Wellbeing Study.

She is interested in studying the dynamics of immigration among Latin American countries, both in regard to the labor market and the educational system, in order to understand how newcomers adapt to the new society and find their place in it. Her research focuses on the structural and institutional factors that mediate this integration process, either facilitating or obstructing it. In addition, she is interested in how social representations and identities affect the lives of immigrants; this topic usually relates to issues of race/ethnicity, gender, and nationalism.

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