Graduate Program

Graduate Chair: Wendy D. Roth

Graduate Coordinator: Kailey Caldwell

Graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania is conducted through graduate groups formed according to different areas of study. These groups administer programs leading to the AM and PhD degrees. Those seeking a graduate degree in Sociology should apply to the Graduate Group in Sociology. Sociology students earn their MA on the way to the PhD. There is no terminal Master's degree program.

It is possible to earn a joint Ph.D. in Sociology and another discipline by being admitted to and satisfying the requirements of two Ph.D. programs and writing a single dissertation. Currently, students are enrolled in joint degrees with Demography, Education, Communications, and Africana Studies. Students seeking a joint Ph.D. combining Sociology with another program must be admitted in that program (as well as Sociology); admittance to the second program may occur after admission to the Sociology program.

Dual or joint degrees must be sought with the consultation of the Chair of the Graduate Group in Sociology and the Dean of the Graduate Division, School of Arts and Sciences. For admission information for the Department's PhD program or to direct questions to the Graduate Chair, interested parties should contact the Graduate Coordinator.

 For further information contact Kailey Caldwell: