Medical Sociology Minor Program

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The Medical Sociology minor gives students the opportunity to engage in the sociological study of medicine and the health of populations. A sociological perspective on medicine allows students to critically engage with the social and cultural framing of what is defined as “illness”; the structural factors that may contribute to those illnesses; and the interactive dynamics between healthcare providers and patients. 

Students will be able to critically connect the organization of social groups with the profession of medicine, the practice of medical care, and the social factors that contribute to sickness and well-being.   Students who complete this minor will have a theoretical foundation in Sociology, and a dynamic perspective on health and healthcare in the world today.  


*Bioethics and Medical Sociology minors cannot double count more than 1 CU.
*HSOC majors and Medical Sociology minors cannot double count more than 1 CU.


  • SOCI 1000– Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 2000– Sociological Research Methods (Formerly Introduction to Sociological Research)
  • SOCI 1110– Medical Sociology

Any 1 of the following Methods courses:

  • SOCI 2220– Health of Populations
  • SOCI 2010– Social Statistics
  • SOCI 3200– Field Methods of Sociological Research
  • SOCI 3210– Sample Survey Methods
  • SOCI 3220– Basic Demographic Methods

Any 1 of the following Substantive Courses:

  • SOCI 1040– Population and Society
  • SOCI 1111- Mental Illness
  • SOCI 2230– Sociology of Bioethics
  • SOCI 2220– Health of Populations
  • SOCI 2600– Global Health
  • SOCI 2460– Social Inequality and Health
  • SOCI 2450– Poverty, Race and Health
  • SOCI 2430– Race, Science and Justice
  • SOCI 2952 - Health and Social Justice
  • NURS 1030 - Psychological and Social Diversity in Health and Wellness
  • NURS 3130 - Obesity and Society
  • NURS 3150 - Sociocultural Influences on Health

1 Sociology or related course from any of the following disciplines:

  • Health & Societies
  • Biological Basis of Behavior
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Anthropology 
  • Nursing


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