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Dec 6, 2023 at -

Education and Inequality Workshop: Manya Oriel Kagan, Perry World House, Penn

"Mainstreaming refugee children in national educational systems: Refugee children in primary schools in Kampala, Uganda"
Dec 4, 2023 at -

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Brandon Alston, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Ohio State University

"Recognizing “Camera Cues”: Policing, Cellphones, and Citizen Countersurveillance"
Nov 29, 2023 at -

Education and Inequality Workshop: Nazar Khalid, Ph.D. Candidate in Demography and Sociology, Penn

Social Inequality and Exam Performance among Indian Children
Nov 27, 2023 at -

Education and Inequality Workshop: Ran Liu, Assistant Professor of Education Policy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Gender-math stereotypes and student-teacher interactions in China"
Nov 17, 2023 at -

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Kristopher Velasco, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

"Transnational Backlash and the Deinstitutionalization of Liberal Norms: LGBT+ Rights in a Contested World"
Nov 15, 2023 at -

Integration into the international community is typically used to explain liberal outcomes. However, is it possible that such integration can also explain rising illiberalism? Using the…

Family & Gender Workshop: Michael Lachanski, Ph.D. Student in Demography & Sociology, Penn

"Diverging Precarities? : The Paradox of Increasing Job Stability in the 21st Century U.S. Workforce"
Nov 10, 2023 at -

A major challenge to sociologists’ contention that employment precarity in the U.S. is increasing is the repeatedly replicated finding that U.S. job tenures have been stable or even increasing in the last three…

Quantitative Methodology Working Group: Tim Riffe, Research Fellow, Research Group in Social Determinants of Health and Demographic Change (OPIK) of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)

"Demographic Decomposition Workshop"
Nov 9, 2023 at -

This short workshop will present the basic concepts and applications of demographic…

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Joel Mittleman, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Notre Dame

"Gender Inequality Beyond the Gender Binary"
Nov 8, 2023 at -

For the first time ever, LGBTQ+ populations are being invited to “come out” across a wide range of large, population-representative datasets. This new visibility not only provides sociologists…