Past Events

PSC Colloquium Series: Julia A. Behrman, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University

"Family Norms in Flux"
Sep 20, 2021 at -

Education and Inequality: Peter Harvey, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

"“Everyone Thinks They’re Special”: Socialization and Self-Concepts in Two Elementary Schools"
Sep 17, 2021 at -

Asia and Asian American Working Group: Hyunjoon Park, Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania; and Yun Cha, Ph.D. Alumni in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

"Asian American Disadvantage in Salary among College Graduates by Types of Higher Education"
Sep 16, 2021 at -

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Ann J. Morning, Associate Professor of Sociology at New York University

"An Ugly Word: Rethinking Race in Italy"
Sep 15, 2021 at -

Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies Internal Speaker Series: Jere Behrman, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

"Prospering through Prospera: CCT Impacts on Educational Attainment and Achievement in Mexico"
Sep 14, 2021 at -

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PSC Colloquium Series: M. Giovanna Merli Professor, Public Policy and Global Health - Duke University, Global Health Institute

"A computational view of the field of demography"
Sep 13, 2021 at -

Education and Inequality Works in Progress: Welcome and Planning

Sep 13, 2021 at -

Medical Sociology: Lauren Olson, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Temple University

“Disciplining Docility: How Medical Educators Use the Humanities to Maintain the Professional Status Quo.”
Sep 10, 2021 at -

*Please note that this workshop will start 15 minutes earlier than our usual Friday workshop start time.

Faculty Meeting (Standing faculty only)

Sep 8, 2021 at -

Faculty Meeting (Standing Faculty Only)

May 12, 2021 at -