Past Events

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Jake Rosenfeld, Associate Professor of Sociology, Washington University in St. Louis

"The Salary Taboo in U.S. Workplaces: Prevalence and Potential Consequences"
Dec 4, 2019 at -

Education & Inequality Works-in-Progress Meeting

David Thore Gravesen, Via University (Denmark); Shadow Education in Denmark
Dec 3, 2019 at -

Population Studies Colloquium: Andrea Verhulst Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Pennsylvania, Population Studies

Other Events
Historical Age Patterns of Under-five Mortality and their Usefulness for Evaluating Contemporary Data
Dec 2, 2019 at -

Education & Inequality Works-in-Progress Meeting

Wensong Shen, Practice job talk: A Tangled Web: The Reciprocal Relationship between Depression and Educational Outcomes in China
Nov 26, 2019 at -

Culture, Ethnography, and Interaction: Blair Sackett, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

“Routine and Unexpected Emergencies in a Refugee Camp”
Nov 22, 2019 at -

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Eva Rosen, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Georgetown University

"Serial Filing: How Landlords Use the Threat of Eviction"
Nov 20, 2019 at -

Academic Job Search Series: Interviewing for Faculty Jobs - Humanities and Social Sciences

Nov 19, 2019 at -

Sociology professor Benjamin Shestakofsky will be one of the panelists for this event that disucsses best practices for an academic job search in the humanities and social sciences.

Education & Inequality Works-in-Progress Meeting

Elena van Stee: "First-Gen Identity in Elite Institutions"
Nov 19, 2019 at -

Population Studies Colloquium: Ellen Meara, Professor, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Other Events
Socioeconomic Status, Pain, and the Disparity in Social Security Disability Insurance Receipt
Nov 18, 2019 at

Africa Galleries Exhibit Opening at the Penn Museum; Dr. Tukufu Zuberi, Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

Symposium: "Emancipating the Colonial Exhibition of Africa in the West"
Nov 16, 2019 at -

Join lead curator and professor Tukufu Zuberi, Ph.D., along with consulting scholars, Barbaro Ruiz-Martinez, Ph.D., Monique Scott, Ph.D., Salah Hassan, Ph.D., and Vaniclea Silva Santos, Ph.D., for a discussion about…