Applications to the Joint Degree Program

Students admitted to other Ph.D. programs at Penn who are interested in applying to a Joint Ph.D. Degree with Sociology should reach out to the Sociology Graduate Chair to discuss their interest.

Application materials:

All applicants should provide the following materials: 

  • A completed form, signed by their home Graduate Group Chair.
  • Cover letter stating research interests and how these will be advanced by the Sociology Ph.D.
  • C.V.
  • Penn transcript.
  • Letter from chair of home graduate group attesting to good standing in home program.
  • Letter of endorsement from a standing faculty member in Sociology.

A copy of the original application to Penn may be requested, at the discretion of the graduate committee.

Admission procedure:

  • Applications for the joint degree may be made by students no earlier than the second semester of their first year at Penn.
  • Applications will be due each year on April 10 for consideration by the graduate committee.
  • Decisions reached by the graduate committee will be recommended to the Department for approval at the final faculty meeting of the year.
  • Admissions decisions will be contingent on meeting end-of-year benchmarks in the home program.

Continuation in Sociology:

  • Continuation in Sociology will be contingent on meeting benchmarks for the Sociology program and providing annual documentation of good standing in the home department. If a student resigns or is not in good standing in the home department, continuation in the Sociology program is at the discretion of the Sociology Department faculty.

Additional Notes:

  • Students admitted to the joint program in (or after) their second year are not guaranteed funding.
  • The dissertation must be approved by faculty from both departments. At least two standing faculty members from Sociology must be on the dissertation committee.