The Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Chair: Chenoa Flippen, Ph.D
Program Manager: Marcus T. Wright
(For any questions about the program, please contact Marcus)

The Penn Sociology Undergraduate Program seeks to provide students with an understanding of social structure and how individuals' experiences are related to that structure. We help students identify and explain patterns of social life and human behavior by emphasizing how large-scale social phenomena (such as class, race and gender inequality) affect the everyday experiences of individuals, and vice versa. While doing so, our program also introduces students to the conceptual and methodological tools of social science research, including ethnography, social statistics, and demographic methods.

Our major prepares students for a broad array of careers in fields such as law, medicine and health care, consulting, marketing, digital technology, human resources, education, scholarly and applied social research, data analysis, management in the public and private sectors, administration, social work, demography and government.

The skills developed in Sociology transcend many fields and careers. In particular, organizations desire to better understand the populations that they serve, and the forces that afford and restrict the choices available to and the decisions ultimately made by these populations. Your academic training in Sociology will enable you to stand out as someone who not only can interpret quantitative and qualitative data, but also as someone who can analyze and break down the complexities of everyday life and the effect these complexities have on people, groups and populations across the world.

Penn Sociology offers our top-ranked major, three minors, comprehensive advising, extensive interdisciplinary collaboration, and significant research and independent study opportunities.

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