The Penn Sociology Colloquium Series will be held in-person in the Fall 2023-2024 semester, scheduled most Wednesdays 12pm-1pm EST/EDT.

All of the talks will be held in McNeil Building (3718 Locust Walk), Room 150.

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Hajar Yazdiha, Assistant Professor of Sociology, The University of Southern California

"The Struggle for the People's King: How Politics Transforms the Memory of the Civil Rights Movement"
Feb 28, 2024 at -

Talk AbstractIn the post–civil rights era,…

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Faculty Panel for Visiting Day

Professor Letícia Marteleto, Professor Wendy Roth, and Professor Tukufu Zuberi
Mar 20, 2024 at -