Past Events

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Sarah Hayford, Professor of Sociology and Director for the Institute for Population Research, Ohio State University

"Understanding the relationship between childbearing goals and outcomes"
Feb 2, 2022 at -

Penn Sociology Colloquium Series: Letícia Marteleto, Professor of Sociology and Public Health, University of Texas at Austin

"Scars from Novel Infectious Disease Crises: Zika, Covid-19 and Fertility"
Jan 31, 2022 at -

Asia and Asian America Working Group

Jan 27, 2022 at -

**Rescheduled Date** Paula Fomby, Research Associate Professor, Survey Research Center Associate Director, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

“Family Composition among US Children: Dynamic, Diverse, and Dispersed”
Jan 24, 2022 at -

Education and Inequality Works in Progress: Elena van Stee, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociolgoy, University of Pennsylvania

"Parenting and the Transition to Adulthood"
Jan 24, 2022 at -

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Asia and Asian America Working Group: Megan Reed, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

"Marriage Engagements in New Delhi"
Jan 20, 2022 at -

The Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies is hosting Irma Elo, Professor and Chair of Sociology and Chair of the Graduate Group in Demography, to present for the Internal Speaker (CLALSIS) Series

“Health and Cognition Among Elderly Chileans.”
Jan 18, 2022 at

Please join the Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies Internal Speaker (CLALSIS) Series for a presentation by Irma Elo, Professor and Chair in Sociology and Chair of the…

Medical Sociology Workshop: Brian Tuohy, Assistant Professor, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

"Health Without Papers: Immigrants, Citizenship and Health in the 21st Century"
Jan 14, 2022 at -

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Faculty Meeting (Standing faculty only) **Remote**

Jan 12, 2022 at -