Alexander D. Hoppe

Alexander Hoppe

McNeil 353

Alexander D. Hoppe is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on administration and social psychology in creative industries, especially fashion. His dissertation is a “follow the product” ethnography centering on Indian suppliers in the apparel global value chain. By connecting assembly line engineers to local designers and global buyers, the research re-enchants organic solidarity and challenges conventional morphological arguments about the international division of labor.


Comprehensive Exams in Sociology of Work (with distinction) and Culture
MA in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2015

BA in Sociology (with distinction), UW-Madison, 2013

Research Interests

Work, Organizations, and Management; Economic Sociology; Social Psychology and Microsociology; Creative Industries; Sociological Theory; Globalization; Strategy

Selected Publications

Hoppe, Alexander D. (2020). “Coordinating Transnational Futurework in Fashion Design.” Socio-Economic Review.

Hoppe, A. D. (2020). “Strategic Balance or Imperfect Imitation? Style and Legitimation Challenges in a Semi-peripheral City.” Advances in Strategic Management, 42, 227-253.

Hoppe, Alexander D. (2019). “License to Tweak: Artistic License at First-Tier Indian Apparel Suppliers.” Poetics, 76.

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