Sherelle Ferguson

Sherelle Ferguson

Post-doctoral Fellow at Temple University College of Education and Human Development


PhD, Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2021.

Ed.M, Teacher Education Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2009.

A.B., Social Studies, Harvard University, 2008.

Research Interests

Education, Race and Ethnicity, Social Stratification, Social Capital and Social Networks, Qualitative Methods

Selected Publications

Ferguson, Sherelle and Annette Lareau. Forthcoming. “Hostile Ignorance, Class, and Same-Race Friendships: Perspectives of Working-Class College Students.” Socius.

Ferguson, Sherelle. 2018. “Ask Not What Your Mentor Can Do For You…: The Role of Reciprocal Exchange in Maintaining Student-Teacher Mentorships.” Sociological Forum 33(1): 211-233.

Lareau, Annette and Sherelle Ferguson. 2018. “Education, Sociology of.” in Core Concepts in Sociology, edited by J. Michael Ryan. Wiley-Blackwell.


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