Tuğçe Ellialti-Köse

Dr. Tuğçe Ellialtı-Köse is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Trent
University, Peterborough, ON, Canada for the 2020-2021 academic year. She received her
PhD from Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA in Spring
2020. During her time at Penn, Tuğçe was affiliated with the Alice Paul Center, where she
was also awarded a Graduate Certificate in the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
Program. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Boğaziçi University and
her master’s degree in Cultural Studies from Sabancı University, İstanbul, Turkey. Her
academic interests are in Gender and Sexuality, Law and Society, Violence against Women,
Ethnography of the State, and Political Sociology.

In her doctoral dissertation, Tuğçe offered a feminist socio-legal analysis of the sexual assault
law with a focus on its three aspects, namely its making, practice, and effects. Based on an
extensive fieldwork, which consists of court observations, in-depth interviews, and a close
reading of legal texts, she examined the (re)production of normative discourses on
femininity, sexuality and morality by exploring the treatment of cases of sexual violence in
medico-legal institutions and courts in the wake of legal reforms in Turkey. Tuğçe’s
publications include an article on the disciplinary discourses of sexual morality on women’s
pre-marital sexual activity in Turkey, which appeared in the special issue of Cogito on
Michel Foucault; several op-eds on sexual violence, honor crimes, and women’s movements;
three encyclopedia entries on child abuse, family violence, and virginity; and a review of the
book entitled ‘Honour’: Crimes, Paradigms and Violence against Women (edited by Lynn
Welchman and Sara Hossain). Currently, she is working on two journal articles that are based
on her dissertation. She is also a member of Güldünya Yayınları, a feminist publishing
collective based in İstanbul, where she made editorial contributions to the Turkish
translations of two books, including Angela Davis’s recent book Freedom is a Constant


Research Interests

Gender and Sexuality, Law and Society, Sociology of Law, Cultural Sociology, Violence against Women, Ethnography of the State, Political Sociology, Research Methods

Dissertation Title: 

Reforming the Laws: Gender, State, and Cases of Sexual Violence in Turkey

Faculty Advisors:

Robin L. Leidner (co-chair), Emily C. Hannum (co-chair), Deborah A. Thomas (Anthropology), Fatma Muge Gocek (Sociology and Women’s Studies)


Courses Taught

Course Instructor

  •  Women, Law, and Social Change. University of Western Ontario. 2019-2020.
  •  Trends in Gender Issues. University of Guelph-Humber. 2019.
  •  Sociology of Health Care. Trent University. 2019.
  •  Introduction to Women, Public Policy & the Law. University of Toronto Mississauga. 2018.
  •  Gender, Sexualities & the Law. Trent University. 2018.
  •  Sociological Analysis. Boğaziçi University. 2018, 2017, 2014, 2013.
  •  Sociology of Gender. University of Pennsylvania. 2015, 2011.

Teaching Assistant

  •  Proseminar in Sociological Research. University of Pennsylvania. 2011.
  •  Quantitative Methods in Sociology I. University of Pennsylvania. 2009-2010.
  •  Introduction to Sociological Research. University of Pennsylvania. 2010.
  •  Major Works of Western Art. Sabancı University. 2006-2008.
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