Law and Society Minor Program

Prospective Law and Society minors must fill out the Law and Society Minor Worksheet and submit to Marcus T. Wright, the Undergraduate Program Manager (, 215-898-7664).

The Law and Society Minor program gives students the opportunity to study and understand the law within a sociological framework, by examining both the factors that affect variations in the law, as well as how those variations affect individuals and populations differently. In addition to a theoretical foundation in Sociology, students in the minor will study issues involving the state, its relationship to other institutions such as religions, corporations, civil liberties, the organization of courts, punishment and detention, legislatures, international bodies and trade agreements (such as NAFTA and the EU), race, class and gender and discrimination, reproductive rights, LGBT rights and the legal profession in general. Although the focus of this minor will be on U.S. laws and the U.S. society, laws and societies of other countries as well as international law and the international society will be used for comparative analysis.

The minor prepares students interested in the broad aspects of legal regulations and social organization.  It is for students who are interested in graduate studies in law, applied community organizations, or business.


SOCI 001 – Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 100 – Introduction to Sociological Research
SOCI 135 – Law & Society

2 additional courses out of the following regularly taught courses:

SOCI 002 – Social Problems and Public Policy
SOCI 003 – Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 006 – Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 112 – Discrimination: Sexual and Racial Conflict
SOCI 119 – Nationalism & Social Transformation in Post-Communist Europe
SOCI 140 – Social Conflict
SOCI 144 – Corporations and Managers in American Society
SOCI 235 – Law & Social Change
SOCI 252 – Human Rights
SOCI 266 – Latinos in the US
SOCI 273 – Law, Medicine, and Public Policy
SOCI 307 –  Race, Science and Justice 
SOCI 460/ AFRC 420 – Law in Africa/ The US and Human Rights: Policies and Practices
ENGL 106 - Literature and Law
INTS 510 International Norms and Global Governance
INTS 511 International Organizations, Economics, and Governance
LGST 101 - Law and Social Values
LGST 202 - Law of Corporate Management and Finance
LGST 205 - Law of Marketing and Antitrust
LGST 208 - Law and the Workplace
LGST 212 - Economic Analysis of Law
LGST 215 - Environmental Management: Law and Policy
LGST 218 - Diversity and The Law
LGST 219 - Law and Policy in International Business
LGST 221 - Constitutional Law and Free Enterprise
LGST 224 - Human Rights & Globalization
LGST 226 - Markets, Morality and Capitalism
MGMT 242 –  Corporate Governance
NELC 238 – Introduction to Islamic Law
PHIL 077 – Philosophy of Law
PHIL 271 – Global Justice
PSCI 234 – Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
PSCI 271 – American Constitutional Law: Classic American Constitutional Law
PSCI 272 – American Constitutional Law II
PSCI 358 –  International law
CRIM 200 – Criminal Justice
CRIM 300 – Law and Criminal Justice

1 Sociology or related course from any of the following disciplines:
Africana Studies
Legal Studies
Political Science
Urban Studies