Concentrations in Sociology - Law and Society

Law and Society
Sociologists study institutions, and among the most important is the law.  This concentration examines issues such as:  What is deviance and how do we define it?  What is the relationship between the law and other social institutions?  This concentration is suitable for students with a variety of interests, but may be especially well-suited to those interested in careers in law and criminal justice.     

* An assortment of graduate courses is also relevant to this concentration.  With the instructor’s permission, students may take these as well, but taking graduate classes is not required.

Basic Courses:

SOC     2    Social Problems and Public Policy
SOC     3    Deviance and Social Control
SOC     6    Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC     8    Political Sociology
SOC 112    Discrimination:  Sexual and Racial Conflict
SOC 135    Law and Society
SOC 140    Social Conflict
SOC 200    Criminal Justice
SOC 233    Criminology
SOC 235    Law and Social Change
SOC 252    Human Rights
SOC 273    Law, Medicine, and Public Policy
SOC 380    Neighborhood Dynamics of Crime
SOC 410    Experiments in Social Justice