Concentrations in Sociology - Law and Society

Law and Society
Sociologists study institutions, and among the most important is the law.  This concentration examines issues such as:  What is deviance and how do we define it?  What is the relationship between the law and other social institutions?  This concentration is suitable for students with a variety of interests, but may be especially well-suited to those interested in careers in law and criminal justice.     

* An assortment of graduate courses is also relevant to this concentration.  With the instructor’s permission, students may take these as well, but taking graduate classes is not required.

Basic Courses:

SOC     2    Social Problems and Public Policy
SOC     3    Deviance and Social Control
SOC     6    Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 112    Discrimination:  Sexual and Racial Conflict
SOC 135    Law and Society
SOC 200    Criminal Justice
SOC 233    Criminology
SOC 235    Law and Social Change
SOC 307    Race, Science and Justice


Updated 12.11.19