Concentrations in Sociology - Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods
Sociologists pursue knowledge in many ways, one of which is through the examination of society through surveys, demographic data, and statistical models.  In this concentration, students will become familiar with quantitative methods in sociology, both with respect to how to use them in general (e.g., Introduction to Demographic Methods) and how they are used for specific topics (e.g., Health of Populations). 

For those concentrating in Quantitative Methods, students can substitute SOCI 535 and SOCI 536 (if both are taken) for the usual requirement of Sociology 120 + advanced research methods course.

Students in this concentration who chose to take SOCI 535 and 536 to substitute for SOCI 120 and the advanced research methods requirement can also count SOCI 535 and 536 as two of the three courses needed for the concentration. If a student chooses to also count SOCI 535 and 536 toward the Area of Concentration requirement, their requirement for "Additional Sociology Courses" increases from 4 to 6.

After taking Sociology 535 and 536, students are encouraged to take other upper-level quantitative courses in sociology.  Note that many 600- and 700-level courses have Sociology 535 and 536 as pre-requisites.  Others require permission of the instructor (e.g., SOCI 609, Basic Methods of Demography).  Inquire with the instructor prior to enrollment.   

Basic Courses:

SOCI 111        Health of Populations
SOCI 128         Introduction to Demographic Methods
SOCI 221        Sample Survey Methods
SOCI 535        Quantitative Methods I
SOCI 536        Quantitative Methods II
SOCI 609        Basic Methods of Demography    
SOCI 611        Structural Equation Models
SOCI 612         Categorical Data Analysis
SOCI 613        Event History Analysis
SOCI 731        Advanced Demographic Methods