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W.E.B. Du Bois, Erving Goffman, Dorothy Swaine Thomas, and E. Digby Baltzell all broke new sociological ground while working at the University of Pennsylvania. As one of the oldest departments of sociology in the country, Penn Sociology continues its tradition of excellence with twenty-plus award-winning, distinguished faculty recognized for their scholarly achievements and leadership in the field.

Upcoming Events

Medical Sociology Workshop: Beth Linker, Associate Professor Department of the History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania

“Disability Futures and the Making of Modern Epidemics"
Oct 21, 2022 at - | McNeil 367

Education and Inequality Works in Progress: Autumn Brown, PhD Candidate in Human Development & Quantitative Methods, University of Pennsylvania

The impact of older sisters on children's developmental outcomes in Northern Ghana (discussion of paper-in-progress)
Oct 24, 2022 at - | Sociology Conference Room, McNeil 367

For those unable to come in person, please register for access to the Monday E&I Works-in-Progress Zoom link …