Undergraduate Program: Honors Program in Sociology

Honors students work closely with the Thesis Workshop instructor and a faculty thesis advisor for a tailored research experience that culminates with the completion of a thesis. Students who are interested in receiving Honors in Sociology must maintain a 3.5 GPA within the major, and a 3.3 overall GPA.

Recent honors students have researched topics such as how emotional labor styles impact the relationships service workers have with customers; how adolescents are socialized to perceive sexual behavior before participating in these behaviors; and how child care arrangements differ based on various demographic characteristics.

The requirements for Honors in Sociology are:

  1. SOCI 4100: Honors Thesis Workshop I (Spring of Junior Year for .5 CU) and SOCI 4101: Thesis Workshop II (Fall of Senior Year for another .5 CU). These courses meet bi-weekly. The combined 1 CU can count under the "4 Additional Sociology Courses and Experiences" requirement.
  2. SOCI 4998: Independent Study with thesis advisor (Fall of Senior year) or a course, at the discretion of the undergraduate chair, that is relevant to your research project. The 1 CU for the independent study can also count under the "4 Additional Sociology Courses and Experiences" requirement
  3. Completion of a Senior Thesis. A near-final version is due at the end of the Thesis Workshop II course, and a final, bound version is due the last weekday of January.

*Updated: 11.9.23

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