Applied Research and Data Analysis Concentration

In this concentration, students will become familiar with quantitative and/or qualitative methods in sociology, both with respect to how to use them in general and how they are applied for specific topics. Additionally, students will develop the skills to analyze the data from these these methods, whether through primary research or secondary data.

To complete this concentration, students must take three of the classes listed below, aside from the course that they take for the Advanced Methods requirement.

SOCI 2220: Health of Populations
SOCI 3200: Field Methods
SOCI 3210: Sample Survey Methods
SOCI 3220: Basic Demographic Methods
SOCI 3230: Demography of Race
SOCI 3240: Demographic, Economic, and Social Interrelations
SOCI 3250: Methods of Investigation: Global Quantitative Data
SOCI 3501: Machine Learning for Social Science
SOCI 3510: Undergraduate Research Seminar: Black @ Penn

SOCI 5350: Quantitative Methods I
SOCI 5351: Quantitative Methods II
SOCI 5400: Discourse Analysis
SOCI 6090: Basic Demographic Methods
SOCI 6110: Structural Equation Models
SOCI 6120: Categorical Data Analysis
SOCI 6130: Event History Analysis
SOCI 7310: Advanced Demographic Methods