Family, Gender and Society concentration

The family is one of the most important institutions in any society. It is critical to the socialization of each generation and to the stability and functioning of the larger society. Family systems vary across cultures and have changed dramatically in the United States in recent decades. Our understanding of gender plays an important role in this. This concentration enables students to study this intersection between family and gender, and the impacts it has on society through aspects such as fertility, marriage, divorce, migration, and mortality.

To complete this concentration, students must take three courses from the following list:

SOCI 1010: The Family
SOCI 1020: American Society
SOCI 0100: The Sociology of Black Community
SOCI 1100: Sociology of Gender
SOCI 2270: Families and Capitalism
SOCI 2490: Work, Love and Independence: Coming of Age in East Asia
SOCI 2972: Sex and Socialism