Structures of Opportunity and Inequality concentration

What is the balance of individual self-determination and institutionalized constraint in shaping people’s lives? Social institutions such as the educational system and the economy sort people and distribute rewards, but their workings are profoundly shaped by persistent inequalities of class, ethnicity, gender, age, race, and nationality. How and why do such inequalities persist? How might opportunities be more fairly distributed? What sorts of individual and collective action affect existing structures of constraint?

To complete the concentration students must take three of the following:

SOCI 1060: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 1050: Social Stratification
SOCI 1090: Urban Sociology
SOCI 1051: The Rich and the Poor
SOCI 1100: Sociology of Gender
SOCI 1130: Discrimination
SOCI 2250: Work in a Changing World
SOCI 2440: Social Movements
SOCI 2280: Sociology of Education
SOCI 2460: Social Inequality and Health
SOCI 2260: The Future of Work
SOCI 2931: Latinx Communities and the Role of CBO's in Social Change
SOCI 2940: Homelessness & Urban Inequality
SOCI 2946: History and Theory of Organizing
SOCI 2975: Technology and Society