Law and Society concentration

Sociologists study institutions, and among the most important is the law. This concentration examines issues such as: What is deviance and how do we define it?  What is the relationship between the law and other social institutions? The concentration is suitable for students with a variety of interests, but may be especially well-suited to those interested in careers in law and criminal justice.

Students must take three of the following courses to complete the concentration:

SOCI 0004: The Law in our Lives (First-year seminar)
SOCI 1030: Deviance
SOCI 1120: Law and Society
SOCI 1150: Fair Housing, Segregation and the Law
SOCI 2240: Law & Social Change
SOCI 2420: Social Problems and Public Policy
SOCI 2430: Race, Science and Justice
SOCI 2902: U.S. and Human Rights
SOCI 2907: Race, Rights, and Rebellion
SOCI 2921: Criminal Justice
SOCI 2920: Criminology
SOCI 2973: Culture on Trial: Race, Media & Intellectual Property