Medical Sociology concentration

This concentration enables students to advance their knowledge of the intersection between health, illness, and various sociological aspects such as religion, class, gender, and age.

To complete the concentration, students have to take three of the following courses:

SOCI 0002: Social Inequality and Health (First-year seminar)
SOCI 1110: Medical Sociology
SOCI 1111: Mental Illness
SOCI 2220: Health of Populations (if not counting for the advanced methods requirement)
SOCI 2230: Sociology of Bioethics
SOCI 2310: Anxious Times: Social Change and Fear
SOCI 2430: Race, Science and Justice
SOCI 2450: Poverty, Race, and Health
SOCI 2460: Social Inequality and Health
SOCI 2600: Global Health
SOCI 2952: Health and Social Justice
SOCI 2971:  Bioethics