Population and Immigration concentration

This concentration enables students to advance their knowledge on human migration and the social forces that have impacted various populations. The study of population patterns and trends provides an opportunity to investigate the interactions between large social aggregates and the behavior of individuals.

Students must take three of the following courses to complete the concentration:

SOCI 0270: The Immigrant City
SOCI 1010: The Family
SOCI 1040: Population and Society
SOCI 1140: Asian Americans in Contemporary Society
SOCI 2220: Health of Populations (if not counted for the advanced methods requirement)
SOCI 3220: Basic Demographic Methods (if not counted for the advanced methods requirement)
SOCI 2610: Latinos in the US
SOCI 2630: Contemporary Issues in African Society
SOCI 2680: Contemporary Immigration in the U.S.
SOCI 2670: Sociology of Immigration
SOCI 2660: International Migration